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Obviously Disney isn't a thing to attach family values to. What the hell is wrong with people. Look at those stupid endings and satanic characters. I mean what was up with that fatass blue guy in Aladdin? Jafar didn't do anything other than kick ass, and that fatass kept getting in the way. We need to stop teaching children that everything turns out alright. The fact is, it doesn't, and teaching them that it does helps them with nothing but denial and laziness. Disney needs to make a movie about how kissing ass will get you everywhere in life and the life lesson that nothing can make up for having a whole shitload of money. I have an idea for a new Disney movie. It would be called:

Money Is God

Richard: The main character in this movie would be a banker who launders money and kisses ass to get to the top of the capitalist ladder. Throughout his adventures, Richard kisses ass and bribes government officials to keep them out of his criminal affairs, teaching children the value of a well placed dollar.

Stewie: The local pimp on scene, Stewie makes his green by whoring out his girls to any drifter who walks by with a dollar or two. Nobody really knows what Stewie looks like, however, one of his bitches was recently heard mentioning his name in corrolation with a "steaming pile of dog shit," in her words.

Chimpo: Richard's sidekick, Chimpo is a small monkey who does nothing other than kick cains out from beneath the elderly and toss infants infront of cars. Every once and awhile, he pulls out a "special" move, in which he jerks off frantically on the leg of a random passerby.

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